I'm now at an age where I don't care too much about work as its only there to pay for adventures and beer... or preferably wine. It was on such a wine tasting excursion to my fridge one night that got to thinking about such things as ... how difficult was it for the pioneers who first travelled the world to seek out new lands. How hard would it be for me to go overland and other such nonsense. My third glass of Sauvignon blanc produced a great idea. Why not take a trip from Perth in UK to Perth Australia on a motorcycle?



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I realised it was a plan and everyone knew. Little did I know I'd spend the next 18 months planning such a trip.  So in 2012 I set off from Perth Scotland and headed for down under Australia on what turned out to be an amazing adventure.

I had watched Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman which inspired me to do a similar long distance. I even contributed a large part of the money raised from DVD sales to Help for Heroes in UK and Youth Focus Australia but that wasn't my primary reason for going.

Perth to Perth changed my life tremendously.

I thought this trip would have cured me of biking adventures for good. I thought my arse would be eternally numb. But, happily I'd lost weight and my cynisism, I'd also regained a joy for life. I realised people everywhere were nice. They had the same needs and desires, the same insecurities and fears. They were happy to see people from other lands, were willing to share their food, their house, and time with someone they'd never met, and probably would never see again.

The journey may have ended but my faith in humanity had been restored.        Steven Kirk

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The next morning I was greeted with not only a hangover but also a deluge of encouraging comments in response to an alcohol induced facebook post I vaguely recall writing that detailed my plans of taking such a trip.

I recorded the trip on‍‍‍ a blog also, so if you're interested, have a look here: